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Welcome to ChronoPoints: Scanning Historic Sites

The Institute for Simulation & Training at the University of Central Florida is digitally documenting historically significant structures through the application of 3D terrestrial laser scanning. The laser scanner provides a non-intrusive highly accurate representation of a structure or artifact.  Once captured, data can be used to assist site restoration in the event of natural disaster, war or weather deterioration.  Detailed 3D models can be constructed and imported into popular game engines to create interactive educational experiences.

Presently, we are active in the capture of Space-Age architecture.  This is a distinctive sub-category of mid-century modern architecture, incorporating stylistic elements that harkened to the new Space-Age. While prominent in areas that experienced explosive growth in the 1950s/1960s, such as Florida, Southern California and Las Vegas, Space-Age architecture appeared in communities across the country. We also seek to scan the hardware of the Space-Age – rockets, capsules and other space/missile related artifacts.  However, we are not limited to Space-Age structures – we have scanned buildings as varied as a Spanish Mission in California to a 1920s movie theater.