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Hi everyone, as some of you might have noticed we have not been posting for several weeks. This was due to a server issue, the hardware was finally fixed and today we restored the data to our last site changes. The ChronoPoints team is busy and we hope to begin sharing new stories and data soon. Thanks for sticking with us.

The ChronoPoints Team

Rocket Thrower in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park with Unisphere in Background

New Rocket Thrower Page

The Rocket Thrower sculpture is one of a handful of objects remaining in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park from the 1964/65 New York World’s Fair. Created by Donald De Lue, the bronze statue stands 43 feet high and is located along the Court of the Astronauts hurling a rocket toward the Unisphere.

Drew Ford Roundhouse

Roundhouse Demolition Underway

The ChronoPoints team ventured to La Mesa in March to capture the Penske-Ford Roundhouse prior to its impending demolition. We just learned the demolition of the building is now underway. We are currently working on a detailed Project Page regarding the structure’s history and our laser scanning effort.  Until we launch the Roundhouse Project Page, here is a sample laser scan image of the building.

Mercury Mission Control

Alan Shepard Launch Day!

Today is the 57th anniversary of Alan Shepard’s suborbital Mercury flight representing the first American in space. ChronoPoints scanned the Mercury Mission Control room at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Center a few years ago. Please visit our video of the project

TWA Laser Scan

TWA Flight Center – Hotel

Together with Langan Engineering, we laser scanned the TWA Flight Center at JFK just prior to its transition to a hotel.  If you are curious as to how it is progressing, this Architectural Digest article provides a glimpse …

Missileland, USA

Today, I was in Cocoa Beach researching several locations that ChronoPoints plans to laser scan this summer. I thought I would share this wonderful City of Cocoa Beach emblem from the 1960s when the community was known as Missileland, USA due to the influence of nearby Cape Canaveral (Kennedy). The logo depicts the outline of a Minuteman Missile rising from the Cape.

LAX Terminal 3 Mosaic

Los Angeles

If you have traveled to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), there is a good chance that you have seen these colorful mosaics that bring life to what would be very long and dull walks within the airport’s tunnel system. While the public can only see three of the original seven mosaics today, they are wonderful representations of mid-century LAX. So while walking through the Terminal 3 tunnel today, I could not resist snapping this photo and of course, it reminded me of a great 1963 movie, Sunday in New York, where Cliff Robertson’s character raced through one of these tunnels (but it …

Los Angeles Read More »

Millard Sheets Mosaic

San Diego Trip

Our March trip to San Diego was very productive. We were able to laser scan the Roundhouse building at Penske-Ford prior to its impending demolition and two additional area structures! While in La Mesa we also captured the exteriors of the JSC Innovation Centre (formerly a Home Savings building with a Millard Sheets Studio mosaic) and the 1908 McKinney House (La Mesa Historical Society). For additional information on the Millard Sheets mosaics on former Home Savings buildings throughout San Diego and Los Angeles

TWA Terminal

2018 Creative Cities Conference

See our paper on scanning the TWA Terminal at JFK International Airport and the Cocoa Beach Glass Bank for the 2018 Creative Cities Conference/ Congreso Ciudades Creativas: MID-CENTURY MODERN STRUCTURES AND COMMUNITY: CAPTURING A BUILDING’S LIFE  (ESTRUCTURAS MODERNAS Y COMUNIDAD DE MEDIADOS DE SIGLO: CAPTURANDO LA VIDA DE UN EDIFICIO)  Authors: Robert A. MICHLOWITZ, Lori C. WALTERS, and Michelle J. ADAMS


Three members of the ChronoPoints team, Lori Walters, Robert Michlowitz, and Michelle Adams, conducted a roundtable discussion at the 2017 HASTAC Conference. Thank you to all those who attended our discussion, Closing The Loops: Using Iteration To Document A Structure’s Life History And Create Realistic Virtual Recreations.


Welcome to the new ChronoPoints website!! Here we have joined together under the single ChronoPoints banner all our websites – including Documenting the Cocoa Beach Glass Bank and Reflections of Project Apollo. We hope that you enjoy the new format and visit often.

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