ChronoPoints | Gene Leedy Bank Cape Canaveral
Intensity scan of Gene Leedy Bank in Cape Canaveral
Gene Leedy, Cape Canaveral, Laser Scan, UCF, ChronoPoints
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Gene Leedy’s Bank – Intensity Scan

Intensity scan of the former Cape Canaveral National Bank
Intensity scan of the former Cape Canaveral National Bank

ChronoPoints recently laser scanned the exterior of the former First National Bank of Cape Canaveral. This glorious Gene Leedy structure provides an excellent representation of the exposed concrete T beams seen in many of his buildings. While we have accurate color scans as well, this intensity scan provides an interesting glimpse into the construction materials used – especially of note are how the various brick colors appear in the infrared render. A new First National Bank of Cape Canaveral project page is under development with an extensive history of the building, historical images, and additional laser scans.

Once again, we request any photographs, documents, and reflections you can provide of this outstanding Leedy building. Please contact us.