Jack Kerouac House

Front View of Jack Kerouac House

In late February ChronoPoints supported a UCF undergraduate history student in their Spring 2020 Directed Independent Research course. Courtney elected to laser scan and develop a life history of the Jack Kerouac House in College Park, Florida. It is here where Kerouac lived when his seminal work On The Road was published and where he typed the original manuscript of Dharma Bums. This National Register of Historic Places site is maintained by the Kerouac Project who also administer a Writers-in-Residence program.

At the end of the semester, we will launch a complete project page!

We would like to thank the Jack Kerouac Project Board of Directors for permission to scan the Kerouac House and special thanks to Terry Ann Thaxton and Geoff Benge for their coordination and onsite assistance.

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