Casa Feliz – Winter Park
ChronoPoints laser scans Casa Feliz in Winter Park, Florida.
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Casa Feliz – Winter Park

Front of Casa Feliz in Winter Park
Laser Scan of Casa Feliz
Laser Scan of Casa Feliz
Leica RTC360 at Casa Feliz
Leica RTC360 at Casa Feliz

Winter Park, Florida


Laser Scanning



Designed by noted Central Florida architect James Gamble Rogers II, Casa Feliz is Spanish Revival home located in Winter Park, Florida.  The two-story structure was constructed in 1932/1933 for industrialist Robert Bruce Barbour. It was known as the Barbour House prior to the 1960s and since then it is has been referred to as Casa Feliz.  Originally located on Lake Osceola, when it faced demolition in 2000,  the structure was moved to its current location adjacent to the Winter Park Country Club & Golf Course.  Casa Feliz was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2008. ChronoPoints used the Leica RTC360 scanner to capture the building’s exterior.

Be certain to click the Point Cloud tab at the top of the page to view a 3D representation of the building.

ChronoPoints would like to thank the Casa Feliz Historic Home and Venue for permission to scan the structure.


A few tools that will enable you to enhance the point cloud based on your computer’s performance.  Everyone should increase the POINT BUDGET all the way to the right.  If you are on a computer with good graphics, select HIGH QUALITY for the splat quality. You can rotate the point cloud with your mouse.