Community Heritage Empowerment Toolkit (CHET)
Front of McKinney House in La Mesa
La Mesa History Center – McKinney House
Hammerstein House
Hammerstein House – Hollywood Historical Society

LOCATION: Hollywood, Florida & La Mesa, California

DATE: Current


The Community Heritage Empowerment Toolkit (CHET) project will create a prototype standards-based toolkit consisting of video, written, and aural guides, instructing grassroots heritage preservation organizations how to document a structure’s Life History. Often, the community preservationists who have the desire and time to do this recordation lack sufficient funding to purchase specialized equipment. There is one ubiquitous and empowering device that has the capability to change this: the smartphone. CHET will provide a comprehensive yet accessible smartphone-enabled digital recordation toolkit, enabling the completion of small and medium-scale digital documentation projects. This will empower the entire community to actively participate in preservation and expand information capture locally.

The ChronoPoints team at UCF is partnering with San Diego State University faculty Dr. Isaac Ullah, Dr. Seth Mallios, Dr. David Cline, and Geoffrey Hughes to develop the toolkit.

The Hollywood Historical Society and La Mesa History Center are our case study history centers.

Articles about CHET:


This project is funded by a National Endowment for the Humanities – Digital Humanities Advancement Grant – Level II.

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