Cocoa Beach City Hall
Side View of Cocoa Beach City Hall
Front view of Cocoa Beach City Hall

LOCATION: Cocoa Beach

DATE: 2015


In its original 1962 configuration, the Cocoa Beach City Hall was a testament to the very Space-Age that permitted the community’s rapid expansion in the 1960s. During the 1990s, the City elected to remodel the facility’s exterior and removed the floor-to-ceiling glass windows that welcomed visitors to the building. Please visit the Mayor Robert P. Murkshe gallery for an image as it appeared shortly after opening. The ChronoPoints team laser-scanned City Hall due to the discussion of near future demolition. In September 2017 the structure received extensive damage from Hurricane Irma and assisted in its ultimate closure and demolition in January 2023.

ChronoPoints would like to thank the City of Cocoa Beach for their permission to scan.

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