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San Diego Trip

Millard Sheets Mosaic

San Diego Trip

Our March trip to San Diego was very productive. We were able to laser scan the Roundhouse building at Penske-Ford prior to its impending demolition and two additional area structures! While in La Mesa we also captured the exteriors of the JSC Innovation Centre (formerly a Home Savings and Loan building with a Millard Sheets Studio mosaic) and the 1908 McKinney House (La Mesa Historical Society).

For additional information on the Millard Sheets mosaics on former Home Savings and Loan buildings throughout San Diego and Los Angeles –


Penske-Ford Scanning

Scanning the exterior of the Penske-Ford Roundhouse


Scanning Roof Penske-Ford

Scanning the Roof of the Penske-Ford Roundhouse


Exterior McKinney House

Capturing the exterior of the McKinney House


Millard Sheets Mosaic

Beautiful Millard Sheets Mosaic



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